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  • Mon - Fri 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM
  • 771 W Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL 33060
  • +1 954-788-2900

Export Service


Boats International Export Services

We know export. We’ve been exporting boats since 1989 to countries all over the world and continue to do so with an ever growing network of partners in Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Middle-East. Whether you’re buying a boat from us, or if you found one on your own, our team of seasoned professionals are standing by to help you with everything from finding your next boat to having it delivered to your door in your home country.

We have some of the best rates for RORO-shipping in the business and we serve all major ports of worldwide.


Finding the right boat.
Buying a boat from another country often means dealing with people that you never met or dealt with in the past. There’s tons of free classified ads and Craig’s list-type re-advertisers on the internet with deals just too good to be true. If it sounds too good, then, you’d guessed it, it probably is a scam.

Do your research. Be realistic. Partner up with a Pro (like us).

We suggest you deal with us. Each week we get shipping, export, and certification inquiries from some of the country’s well respected marine dealers. We work in close cooperation with country-wide brand name retailers such as Marinemax and with the brand stores of Regal, Chaparral, Monterey, Bayliner, Larson – just to mention a few.

We are a fully licensed Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier by the Federal Maritime Commission and as such we operate our own inhouse shipping company. We have exclusive contracts with some of the largest steamship companies in the world. As one of the rather few NVOCC’s we have the authority to buy and resell space on ocean-going cargo ships and issue our own bills of lading. What does this mean for you? As an individual? Well, by contacting us directly you are likely to save considerable time and money by dealing directly with the contract holder (as opposed to a string of middlemen).



Buying a boat directly from us or through our brokerage division
Boats International, Inc. is our own in-house discount boat dealership. We buy bulk trade-in’s from the big retailers but we also buy from banks and individuals as well. For the past 20+ years our focus have been to absorb distressed inventory and floor-plan boats from cash-strapped dealers and resell these locally and overseas. As we now are completing our store expansion project (September, 2011) we will be able to take on even more inventory then in the past and also have space over to showcase brokerage and consignment boats.

Most of our international buyers rely on our reputation and expertise as a key player on the U.S. domestic and international boat market and they seek our help to source the boat(s) that they seek. If we do not have what they seek in stock we’ll be sure to find it through our network of dealers and banks for the right money.

Whether your buying a stock boat from us or one from another dealer we are well equipped to assist you with every step from inspection to final delivery of your boat or yacht to you. For example we can help you or your client with:

  • Finding a Boat or Yacht that meets (or exceeds) your requirements in terms of condition, equipment, and of course price
  • Negotiate the Deal (including but not limited to title searches, accident reports, previous owner status, etc)
  • Survey & Physical Inspection (we have a longstanding partnership with a number of accredited marine surveyors, mechanics, and experts in most regions of the country)
  • Closing the Deal – we often act as intermediary for international buyers as most of our overseas clients prefer only to work with one turn-key partner
  • Pre-shipping Logistics – once the deal is done and the boat paid for we assist in coordinating haul-outs, marina loadings, boat ramp pickups and inland U.S. land transport/trucking through our in-house logistics company Boatlogistic.com, Inc.
  • Pre-Export Preparation –  Winterization, Shrink-Wrap, CE-certification Depending on the geographical location of the boat and the required preparation of the vessel we can either prepare the boat for export while underway, or we can have it completed at our marina in Pompano Beach, Florida.
  • CE-certification – European Requirements A requirement for all new and used boats imported into the European Union. All vessels must meet the essential safety requirements set out in the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC, amended thru 2003/44/EC. This complex process requires inspections, a technical file, compliance, and a declaration of conformity issued by one of the few EU notified bodies. New identification and compliance plates are attached to the hull. We work in direct co-operation with Germanischer Lloyd and CE-Proof – Two of the most well-renowned EU Notified Bodies that have several US-based accredited inspectors to speed up the Certification-process.


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